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Lanchester War Memorial Names
Article in the Lanchester Village Voice January 2017:-

Have you ever wondered why the names of those who lost their lives during World War One, World War Two and later conflicts are not recorded on the village Green war memorial?

When the War Memorial was erected in 1951 the names of the fallen were already listed on memorial plaques/book of remembrance in the Parish Church, on the RC War Memorial and in the old Memorial Hall. (This plaque is now displayed in the entrance hall of the Community Centre). In 2018 it will be 100 years since the end of WW1 and the Parish Council are leading a project to have all the names added to the Village Green War Memorial.

At present 99 names are read out at the annual Remembrance Day Service on the Village Green. We want to ensure that the list is as complete as possible before we commission the new plaques. So we would like your help. The list of 99 names is shown below and can be viewed on the Parish Council notice board on the Village Green. If you think that you have a relative or know of someone from Lanchester Parish who died in WW1, WW2 or later conflicts and they are not on the present list of names or you think there is a spelling mistake of a name, please contact the Clerk on 01207 520146 or email:-

World War 1

George Anderson, John R. Bateman, Margaret A. Barrow, Francis E. Bell, Walter Bell, James Brankston, Henderson Brankston, Alexander Brankston, Thomas R. Buckham, William Britton, Albert Bulleyment, Thomas Cheston, John H. Clough, Alexander Coates, Michael Collin, Sidney Duke, Ernest Fallon, Thomas Farrey, Robert B. Farbridge, Marmaduke Featherstonhaugh, William Featherstonhaugh, Lancelot Ferguson, Joseph M. Fletcher, Alfred E. Gibson, Harry Hampton, Bertie Hampton, William Harrison, Duke Harrison, James Harwood, Frederick Hattams, James Hodgson, Eric Heatherington, William Hunter, Thomas Jackson, William Jarvis, Stephen Kelly, Vivian Lathan, George Kirtley, Lisle Lathan, George McDonald, Joseph McElhatton, John H. Myers, Thomas W. Nicholson, William O'Brien, John Pinkerton, William Pratt, Stephen Ramsay, James Richardson, William Ross, Alfred Rowe, Gerald Sadler, Arthur Sargeant, John Sargeant, Joseph Norman Scott, Luke Smith, T. Henry Smith, John H. Spence, William Spence, Harry Spence, Newton Storey, Tom Storey, J. Herbert Swain, George Tapp, Joseph H. Teasdale, P. Henry Thompson, William Thompson, Luke Thornton, Thomas Henry Turnbull, Walter Veitch, Robert Wainwright, George Wardle, Thomas Wardle, John B. Walker, Thomas Whittaker, John Wilson.

World War 2

William Blackett, Thomas Cheston, Edward Cowan, James Dobson, John Martin Finch, John Gamlin, George Green, William Charles Hill, George William Laykin, Michael Luxmoore, Anthony McGeary, Donald MacMillian, Vera Mace, Michael O'Brien, Robert Reay, John Wardle Scott, Percy Stoker, Robert Bell Smith, William Keith Thompson, Alan Tomlinson, John Tomlinson, Nathaniel Thornton, Robert William Tonks.

Falklands Campaign

Stewart Ian Laing