District Notes

North Eastern Railway Memorial, York
The North Eastern Railway Memorial for 1914-18 at York contains the names of the following connected with Blyth Valley District. The details are in columns headed - Name, Nature of civil employment, Place, Rank & Regiment or ship:

North Eastern Railway
N.E.R. men who have laid down
their lives for King and Country

Bell, T.P.; Trapper & Wgn. Rdr.; Blyth; Pte.; Nrthd. Fus.
Blyth, D.S.O.; Fireman; North Blyth; Pte.; Nrthd. Fus.
Brison, T.; Frt. Shunter; Blyth; Pte.; K.O.S.B.
Brown, J.E.; Gangman; Newsham; Bombdr.; R.G.A.
Crosby, W.; Lengthman; Bebside; Pte.; Royal Dublin Fusiliers.
Douglas, W.; Freight Guard; Blyth; Sapper; R.E.
Elliott, J.B.; Cleaner; South Blyth; Pte.; Irish Guards.
English, C.K.; Trimmer; Blyth; Pioneer; R.E.
Foster, G.M.; Gangman; Blyth; Pte.; Nrthd. Fus.
Foulger, E.; Lengthman; Plessey; Pte.; R.N.D.
Gledson, C.H.; Trimmer, Oper.; Blyth; Pte.; Essex.
Gledson, W.; Cleaner; South Blyth; Pte.; Staffs.
Haley, S.; Platelayer; Blyth; Sergt.; Nrthd. Fus.
Harding, E.M.; Clerk, Passenger; Seghill; L.-Corpl.; Nrthd. Fus.
Harris, A.H.; Porter, Oper.; Blyth; Pte.; Nrthd. Fus.
Heppell, H.; Labourer, Loco.; North Blyth; Pte.; Nrthd. Fus.
Hepple, W.; Porter, Oper.; Blyth; Pte.; Manchester.
King, J.; Trimmer; Blyth; Pte.; A.S.C.
Marshall, T.H.; Platelayer; Blyth; Pte.; Yorks.
Matthewson, W.; Platelayer; Blyth; Pte.; Nrthd. Fus.
Nattrann, R.W.; Clerk, Goods; Cramlington; Pte.; Durham L.I.
Pack, C.H.; Portr, Oper.; Plessey; Corpl.; A. and S. Highlanders.
Reay, J.W.; Trimmer; Blyth; Bombdr.; R.F.A.
Rickard, G.; Porter, Oper.; Blyth; Gunner, R.F.A.
Sayers, F.; Engine Driver; South Blyth; Corpl.; R.E.
Short, L.; Platelayer; Blyth; Pte.; K.O.S.B.
Smith, T.R.; Cleaner; South Blyth; Seaman, H.M.S. "Walverine."
Storey, C.; Greaser; Blyth; Nrthd. Fus.
Taylor, E.R.; Trimmer, Oper.; Blyth; Pte.; West Yorks.
Tuff, J.J.; Fireman; North Blyth; L.-Corpl.; Nrthd. Fus.
Turnbull, W.; Gangman; Newsham; Stoker, R.N.R.
Wood, R.W.; Clerk, Goods; Seaton Delaval; Rifleman, K.R.R.
Wright, G.; Trapper; Blyth; Pte.; Herts.