District Notes

North Eastern Railway Memorial, York
The North Eastern Railway Memorial for 1914-18 at York contains the names of the following connected with Blyth Valley District. The details are in columns headed - Name, Nature of civil employment, Place, Rank & Regiment or ship:

North Eastern Railway
N.E.R. men who have laid down
their lives for King and Country

Bell, T.P. Trapper & Wgn. Rdr. Blyth Pte., Nrthd. Fus.
Blyth, D.S.O. Fireman North Blyth Pte., Nrthd. Fus.
Brison, T. Frt. Shunter Blyth Pte., K.O.S.B.
Brown, J.E. Gangman Newsham Bombdr., R.G.A.
Crosby, W. Lengthman Bebside Pte., Royal Dublin Fusiliers.
Douglas, W. Freight Guard Blyth Sapper, R.E.
Elliott, J.B. Cleaner South Blyth Pte., Irish Guards.
English, C.K. Trimmer Blyth Pioneer, R.E.
Foster, G.M. Gangman Blyth Pte., Nrthd. Fus.
Foulger, E. Lengthman Plessey Pte., R.N.D.
Gledson, C.H. Trimmer, Oper. Blyth Pte., Essex.
Gledson, W. Cleaner South Blyth Pte., Staffs.
Haley, S. Platelayer Blyth Sergt., Nrthd. Fus.
Harding, E.M. Clerk, Passenger Seghill L.-Corpl., Nrthd. Fus.
Harris, A.H. Porter, Oper. Blyth Pte., Nrthd. Fus.
Heppell, H. Labourer, Loco. North Blyth Pte., Nrthd. Fus.
Hepple, W. Porter, Oper. Blyth Pte., Manchester.
King, J. Trimmer Blyth Pte., A.S.C.
Marshall, T.H. Platelayer Blyth Pte., Yorks.
Matthewson, W. Platelayer Blyth Pte., Nrthd. Fus.
Nattrann, R.W. Clerk, Goods Cramlington Pte., Durham L.I.
Pack, C.H. Portr, Oper. Plessey Corpl., A. and S. Highlanders.
Reay, J.W. Trimmer Blyth Bombdr., R.F.A.
Rickard, G. Porter, Oper. Blyth Gunner, R.F.A.
Sayers, F. Engine Driver South Blyth Corpl., R.E.
Short, L. Platelayer Blyth Pte., K.O.S.B.
Smith, T.R. Cleaner South Blyth Seaman, H.M.S. "Walverine."
Storey, C. Greaser Blyth Nrthd. Fus.
Taylor, E.R. Trimmer, Oper. Blyth Pte., West Yorks.
Tuff, J.J. Fireman North Blyth L.-Corpl., Nrthd. Fus.
Turnbull, W. Gangman Newsham Stoker, R.N.R.
Wood, R.W. Clerk, Goods Seaton Delaval Rifleman, K.R.R.
Wright, G. Trapper Blyth Pte., Herts.