Parish Notes

Tynemouth Y.M.C.A. War Service 1919
The Newcastle Daily Chronicle 29/03/1919 reports:
Tynemouth Y.M.C.A. War Service
Duke of Northumberland presents Decorations.
The Duke of Northumberland paid his first public visit to the borough of Tynemouth last evening. The occasion was the presentation of decorations to the local Y.M.C.A. war workers. The Mayor of Tynemouth (Councillor W. Hinson) presided over a large and representative gathering.

Mr. Rowland Simpson sketched the work that had been done by the local Y.M.C.A. and said the decorations to be presented had been awarded by the National Council of the Y.M.C.A. for services rendered.

The Duke of Northumberland, having handed over a large number of decorations to both ladies and gentlemen, spoke of the pleasure it gave him to come to Tynemouth on an occasion like that in order to show his appreciation of the magnificent services which had been rendered by the members of the local Y.M.C.A. during the four and a half years of war. The war had been remarkable for many things, but for nothing more so than the fact that, for the first time in history, a number of men from civil life had been thrown, as it were, on the civil population, who had had to support them. That had led to the greatest disorganisation in the whole of civil and industrial life. The conduct of the soldiers and sailors had been beyond praise. There had been no relaxation of discipline and no falling from the very high standard of conduct which they had always maintained in spite of the trying circumstances. His Grace paid a tribute to the efforts of the civil population to help in the war, and said those of the community who could not go out to fight had done their best at home, and though they did not appear in the limelight their services had a very large share in the great national effort which had brought the war to a triumphant conclusion.