Parish Notes

Shrines for the Fallen
The Newcastle Daily Chronicle 10/11/1916 reports:

Shrines for the Fallen.
Mr. J. Wallace Black, of North Shields, is endeavouring to rouse local interest in what should prove a successful movement, namely, the erection of shrines in memory of those belonging to the borough of Tynemouth who have given their lives for King and country in the present war. The idea is not new, as there are many small wooden shrines erected by the wayside in France in honour of the men who have made the supreme sacrifice, and similar shrines are also to be seen in many parts of this country. Those suggested for Tynemouth Borough will be of oak, adorned with a crucifix and bearing the names of the fallen heroes, with the addition of a prayer or suitable quotation. There might also be a brass vase which, doubtless the ladies of the district would keep filled with fresh flowers.

A Modest tribute.
The suggestion to erect shrines in honour of the fallen in the war has received an impetus at North Shields through a letter which Mr. Wallace Black has received from Dr. Rennie Haselhurst, who is at present in another part of the country on the nationís business. The letter states that wayside shrines are numerous where he is now serving, and he thinks it would be a pleasing and reverential thing to erect a shrine with the symbol of a crucifix, as an inspiring reminder of the sacrifices that have been made for God and humanity, in or about the Municipal High School grounds, provided permission can be granted, to the memory of the twenty or more 'Secondary' boys who have given their all in the fight for freedom and justice. Mr. Black has decided 'to go straight in with the scheme'. I wish him all success in his laudable effort. What is thus being attempted at North Shields might, I think, be copied in other Tyneside towns.