Parish Notes

Properties used by War Department in the Great War
War Office Lands and Buildings Reconstruction Committee List of Lands and Buildings in the occupation of the War Department 1st June 1918. Northern Command.
Properties marked with an asterisk were either owned by or leased by the War Department prior to the commencement of the war. All other properties have been taken over since 4th August 1914.

Accommodation of Troops : Church Hall &c., Howard Street; *Clifford Fort Barracks; Lynton House, Preston Road; Preston Colliery Miners’ Hall and Institute; Preston Park (Officers’ Quarters); Turnbull’s Stables, Albion Road; Tynemouth Unionist Club (Percy Hall); Wesleyan Memorial Hall; Workhouse;
Accommodation of Horses : Albion Road (Stabling); Preston Towers (Stabling)
Defences : *Clifford’s Fort (Battery dismantled)
Hospitals : 6 Camp Terrace
Mechanical transport : Turnbull’s Garage, Camden Street (One Motor Lorry)
Offices : Albion Road Parish Hall; Fish Quay; Tyne Sailors’ Home.
Stores : Turnbull’s Stables, Albion Road
Training Grounds : Chirton Farm; Percy Park Football Ground

Accommodation of Troops: Hutment