Parish Notes

Properties used by War Department in the Great War.
War Office / Lands and Buildings Reconstruction Committee / List of Lands and Buildings in the occupation of the War Department 1st June 1918. / Northern Command.

Accommodation of troops Assembly Rooms; Forest Road (building and land adjoining); Glebe Farm (Hutments); 2 Granville Avenue; 3 Granville Avenue; 6 Granville Avenue; 7 Granville Avenue; 9 Granville Avenue; Hutment; Lynton West Lane (Officers’ Quarters); 3 Northumberland Avenue (Officers’ Quarters); Presbyterian Church Hall; Sedgemoor, Leyburn, Dene Road; Social Club; Villa Rosine (Officers’ Quarters); Westmoor and Forest Hall Brotherhood.
Various Wesleyan Chapel, Palmersville (Workshop)

CLOUSDEN HILL Accommodation of troops: Hutment