Parish Notes

German gun trophies
The Morpeth Herald 21/02/1919 reports The Council had written to the War Office requesting captured German guns. The War Office replied offering a machine gun (damaged), an ammunition box and a machine gun belt. The Council would have to pay carriage.
The offer was rejected.

The Newcastle Daily Chronicle
11/01/1919 reports:
German guns are to be sent to Blyth as souvenirs of the war. The town's war record includes 250,000 invested in War Stocks. Between 5,000 and 6,000 men joined the forces, and about 400 have lost their lives".
09/05/1919 reports:
"At Blyth Council last night the War office in a letter offered to provide a German field gun and carriage for the town. Mr. J. Goulding protested and remarked that they might have some headstones and monuments as mementoes. He objected to anything German. A motion by him that the trophies be not accepted was agreed to."