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Properties used by War Department including notes on the airfield

Old building: Chris Crouch (UK Coal)

Cross-shaped copse on horizon: Chris Crouch

War Office Lands and Buildings Reconstruction Committee List of Lands and Buildings in the occupation of the War Department 1st June 1918. Northern Command.

Aerodrome: Flight Station

Notes on airfield:
Situated at NZ 240890, this airfield, which comprised two grass fields, was opened in 1916 for 36 (HD) Squadron C flight, whose aircraft were BE 2 two-seat single engine biplanes used for reconnaissance and FE 2b twin-seat single engine pusher biplanes. C Flight was sent to Seaton Carew and replaced by B Flight. They all ended up at Ashington and the squadron was disbanded in 1919. In 1918 the airfield was used for coastal patrol against Zeppelins using DH6 airplanes.
Action Stations: 7: Military Airfields of Scotland, the North-East and Northern Ireland. David J. Smith; 1983; Patrick Stephens; ISBN 0 85059 563 0

The photograph shows the remains of what was possibly an underground storage building.

The copse in the background was planted in the shape of a cross to act as a navigation aid for those seeking to land on the grassy airfield.

A letter from J. Leithhead of Ashington in the Journal 13/10/2012 states that children used to play in the buildings in the 1920s and 30s. They "had domed corrugated iron roofs which stood about 3 feet above ground, the rest being sunk below ground. Access was by concrete steps. One of the rooms was a toilet with drainage and there was also a drain sunk in one of the other rooms. The drain went across the land to the east and into a small sewage treatment works, the small treatment tanks were still there until about 30 years ago when they were bulldozed away. . . .There were also buildings on the western boundary close to the East Coast Railway line. All the rubble from the demolition of these buildings was dumped at the northern boundary and is now concealed in a wood which has grown up since then and is difficult to access".

See also Relics of War: A Guide to the 20th Century Military Remains in the Northumberland Landscape; Ian Hall; Wanney Books; ISBN 978 0 9927324 0 0