Parish Notes

Ashington Poppy Day 1921
The Blyth News 07/11/1921 reports:

Ashington Poppy Day.
On November 11th, Armistice Day poppies will be sold in Ashington. The children in the devastated areas of France and Belgium are to make the poppies and the proceeds from their sale are to be sent to the British Legion Headquarters, when 50 per cent of the profits will be returned to Ashington to augment the unity relief funds.

Mrs. Gillians, of Council Street, is the local organiser, and a meeting of women workers was held in the Council Chambers on Tuesday to make the necessary arrangements. Coun. Gillians, Chairman of the Ashington Council, presided.

Mr. Gillians, after reading Earl Haig's circular, said he was quite satisfied it was a worth object, and he would give all the assistance he could to make the Ashington Poppy Day a success.

Mr. Beatty, the Ashington Council surveyor, consented to give all the assistance he could.