Parish Notes

Alnwick Alndale Junior Football Team 1913-14
A photo in the Alnwick Gazette (date unknown) showing the Alnwick Alndale Juniors 1913-14, all of whom enlisted, shows a football team posed in their strip flanked by two referees.

The names below the picture include:

Back Row: Alex Davidson (7th N.F., wounded); T.Thompson (7th N.F.); R.
Pattison (7th N.F. Wounded); Walter Clark (7th N.F. killed); E. Cook (7th N.F.);
Charles W. Murray (R.A.M.C.);
Front Row: Matt. Hetherington (7th N.F.); Walter Lockey (7th N.F.); William
----ewson (R.F.C.); Ted Hedley (7th N.F. killed); J. Johnson (7th N.F. wounded);
Referees: Frank Moir (A.S.C.) and ?Victor ? (7th N.F.)