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Newcastle United Footballers in the Great War

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Newcastle United Football Club played a full part in the Great War and the fascinating and detailed story is told in To The Glory of God, compiled by Club Historian Paul Joannou and published during September 2018 by Novo Publishing Ltd.

How the famous Black'n'Whites coped with those years of conflict is related when more than 150 players and officials connected with the Magpies served in the armed services with many more engaged in essential work. Over 20 footballers tragically died. Stars of the football field found themselves all over the world facing the enemy; on the Western Front, in the Middle East, Turkey and Greece, in India and Russia. They faced death countless times and several won gallantry honours, the Victoria Cross included. The famous served alongside the not so famous and several players were wounded, some recovered and never played again, others returned to the game, even winning the FA Cup with United.

To The Glory of God: Newcastle United & The Great War is published by Novo Publishing Ltd ( in a limited edition. ISBN 978 0 95 681562 0. Price £16.99.

Paul Joannou has provided the following:

Extract from To The Glory of God, by P. Joannou

Register of all Newcastle United players, managers, officials and directors traced who died or were in the armed forces during the Great War. Over 160 men have been discovered who served their country during the hostilities. A total of 23 United footballers lost their lives as a result of the conflict, seven when on the staff of the club in season 1914-15.

The individuals span, position and appearances with Newcastle United is notated, as well as where known, the regiment or unit, military number, rank, where served and awards.

Newcastle United Players who died During World War One

When a Newcastle United player (7 Names)

Cairns, Thomas (NU 1914-17, il, 1 app) b Hexham, RFA 61tmb (81395), Corp. KiA, 13 Oct 1917, Arras, aged c23.
Dunglinson, Dan : (NU 1912-16, rb, 0 app res) b Hexham, NF 16b (16/5), Corp. KiA 1 July 1916, Somme, aged 26.
Goodwill, Thomas: (NU 1913-16, ol, 60 app) b Bates Cottages, NF 16b (16/1845), Pvt. KiA 1 July 1916, Somme, aged 22.
McGough, Richard: (NU, 1914-17, ch, 2 app) b Carlisle, RGA 102sb (62759), Bomb. DoW 18 April 1917, Arras, aged c23.
McManus, Owen: (NU 1914-18, or, 0 app res) b Sunderland, RFA 21tmb (265432), Corp. Died 6 Nov 1918, France, aged 22.
Rivers, George Stephenson: (NU 1914-16, ol, 0 app res) b Tudhoe, DLI 14b (18/1394), Pvt. KiA 13 Aug 1916, Somme, aged 26.
Suart, Thomas: (NU 1914-17, fb, 0 app res) b Cockermouth, Border Reg 8b (240285, 1739), Pvt. DoW 16 June 1917, Ypres, aged c25.

Ex-Newcastle United players (14 Names)

Allan, Stanley Jack: (NU 1908-11, if, 16 app) b Wallsend, RAMC (106947), Pvt. Died influenza 4 May 1919, Wallsend, aged 32.
Bell, Donald Simpson: (NU 1911-12, fb, 0 app res) b Harrogate, Yorks Reg 9b (15722), Sec-Lt. KiA 10 July 1916, Somme, aged 25, VC.
Findlay, John (Jack): (NU 1905-06, rh, 2 app) b Kilmaurs, Scots Guards 1b (10493), Pvt. DoW 18 Sept 1916, Somme. aged c33.
Fleming, John Barr Murray: (NU 1911-13, cf, 4 app) b Slamannan, QOCH 8b (S/21856), L-Corp. Died 21 March 1916, Catterick, aged c25.
Forster, Joseph: (NU 1897-98, hb, 0 app res) b Shankhouse, Yorks Reg 9b (15778), Pvt. KiA 7 Oct 1916, Somme, aged 43.
Froud, John (Jack): (NU, hb, 1901, 0 app res) b Morpeth, QORWK 10b (205457, 3965), Pvt. DoW 28 July 1917, Ypres, aged c34.
Harker, Richard: (NU 1904-05, if, 0+1 app res) b Wardley, NF 20b TyS (27/1460), L-Corp. KiA 9 April 1917, Arras, aged 33.
Hughes, Thomas: (NU 1912-14, il, 2 app) b S Hetton, NF 27b TyI (27/351), Pvt. KiA 1 July 1916, Somme, aged 26.
Maxwell, James Morton: (NU 1904, or, 0+1 app res) b New Cumnock, Seaforth Highd 1b (S/7426), L-Corp. KiA 21 April 1917, Istabulet, aged 29.
Randall, Charles Edward (NU 1908-11, il, 19 app) b Bearpark, Coldstream Guards 4b (15469), Pvt. KiA 27 Sept 1916, Somme, aged 32.
Rowlandson, Thomas Sowerby: (NU 1905-06, gkp, 1 app) b Newton Morrell, Yorks Reg 4b, Capt. KiA 15 Sept 1916, Somme, aged 36, MC.
Stevenson, James: (NU 1898-00, ir, 37 app) b Paisley, HLI 15b (14093), Pvt. KiA 3 July 1916 Somme, aged 39.
Winter, Clifford: (NU 1904-05, il, 0 app res) b Rodsley, Cam Scot Rifles 5b (241663), Corp. DoW 27 Oct 1918, Cambrai, aged 34.
Witherington, William Arthur: (NU 1901-02, gkp, 0 app res) b Spennymoor, Brit Col Reg 7b (22101), Sgt. KiA 15 Aug 1917 Vimy, aged 37, DCM.

On wartime associated activity (2 Names)

Benson, Robert William: (NU 1902-04, rb, 1 app) b Whitehaven, Woolwich munitions. Died 19 Feb 1916, London, aged 33.
Douglas, Angus: (NU 1913-18, or, 56 app) b Lochmaben, Tyneside munitions. Died 14 Dec 1918, Newcastle, aged 29.

Newcastle United Players and Officials to Serve During World War One.

Playing staff during 1914-15 to 1919-20

Players featured on United’s official team-group at the start of the 1914-15 season, or to join during the campaign up to 1919-20 & documented in Newcastle United or Football League registration ledgers, including guest players and trialists, and who survived the conflict.

First-team players 1914-15 (16 Names)

Booth, CT: (NU 1913-20, il 42 app) b Gateshead, DLI 15b/22b (39691), Corp, WF.
Carr, JT: (NU 1897-22, fb, 278 app) b Seaton Burn, ASC, Corp, WF.
Cooper, E: (NU 1913-20, or, 56 app) b Walsall, W Yorks Reg/RE, Corp, WF.
Dixon, ES: (NU 1913-23, ir, 61 app) b Choppington, TEE (465524/969), Sgt, Home.
Hardy, S: (NU 1911-14, il, 3 app) b Newcastle, NF 16b/MGC (16/358), Lt, WF.
Hay, J: (NU 1911-19, lh, 149 app) b Annbank, RFA (250901), Gnr, WF.
Hibbert, W: (NU 1911-20, If, 159 app) b Golborne, Motor Cycle Corps.
Higgins, A: (NU 1905-19, if, 150 app) b Kilmarnock, E Yorks Reg/DLI 2b (79263/4947), Corp, WF, MM.
Hudspeth, FC: (NU 1910-29, lb, 482 app) b Percy Main, RN (2/11258), AbS, Home.
King, J: (NU 1913-20, if, 61 app) b Dykehead, Scot Rifles, Pvt, Home.
Little, R: (NU 1912-19, rb, 7 app) b Ryton, RN (J42924), AbS.
Low, WL: (NU 1909-33, ch, 378 app) b Aberdeen, RE, Sgt, Home.
Soulsby, J: (NU 1914-19, cf, 1 app) b Trimdon Grange, NF 11b/KOYLI 6b (235439/365650), Corp, WF.
Spink, J: (NU 1913-19, rh, 24 app) b Dipton, DLI (72931?), Corp, Home.
Veitch, CCM: (NU 1899-26, hb, 322 app) b Newcastle, RGA (108401), Lt, WF.
Wilson, GW: (NU 1907-15, ol, 218 app) b Lochgelly, RN (J78632), AbS, Home.

Still to make senior debut 1914-15 (19 Names)

Alderson, JT: (NU 1913-19, gkp, 1 app) b Crook, RGA (80889?), Gnr.
Bell, GW: (NU 1913-20, lb, 3 app) b Sunderland, RGA/RE (147145/8293), QMSgt, Home, MSM.
Bradley, W: (NU 1914-27, gkp, 147 app) b Wardley, RGA/Tank Corps, Gnr, Home.
Carrick, E: (NU 1914-15, 0 app res) b Newcastle, NF 6b (2484/265442), L-Corp, WF.
Common, GA: (NU 1914-15, cf, 0 app res), b Harbottle, RGA (376427), Gnr, Home.
Curry, T: (NU 1912-29, wh, 248 app) b South Shields, TEE, Sgt, Home.
Esther, JE: (NU 1914-19, lh, 0 app res) b Birtley, RFA (750962), Sgt, WF, MM.
Gilmour, AL: (NU 1914-15, cf, 0 app res) b Newcastle, NH/NF 7b (9505), Lt, WF.
Grey TJ: (NU 1908-19, ch, 1 app) b Newcastle, TEE, Pvt, Home.
Harrison, G: (NU 1913-14, ch, 0+1 app res) b Newcastle, Army.
Hine, JRA: (NU 1914, ir, 0 app trial) b Burradon, DLI 2/8b (5663), Home.
Laidlaw, DR: (NU 1914-15, 0 app res) b Gateshead, RFA (1042/750193), Gnr, WF.
McTavish, RP: (NU 1914-20, cf, 0 app res) b Colchester, NF TyS 23b/A&SH (31419/340), DMSgt, WF.
Pyke, GW: (NU 1913-22, cf, 13 app) b Gateshead, Mddsx 17Fb (F/921), Corp, WF.
Reay, P: (NU 1913-14, ol, 0 app res) b Heddon-on-the-Wall, Yorks Reg 4b (37721).
Scorer, CD: (NU 1913-15, ch, 0 app res) b Newcastle, Life Guards 1st/RFA (27482), Sec-Lt.
Soulsby, RH: (NU 1914-20, 0 app res) b Trimdon Grange, RE.
Warren, W: (NU 1913-20, or, 0 app res) b Sunderland, RFA/RGA, Sec-Lt, WF.
Wilson, WA: (NU 1913-22, fwd, 2 app) b Newcastle, RN (M32874), ChPO, Home.

To join between 1916 and 1919-20 (37 Names)

Alder, N: (NU 1919-20, fb, 0 app res) b Felling, RAF, Cadet Pilot, Home.
Barber, TT: (NU 1918, il, 0 app guest) b Newcastle, Mddsx 17Fb (852, 311143), Pvt, WF.
Bertram, W: (NU 1920-21, il, 3 app) b Dunston, DLI 20b/3b (96155), Pvt, Home.
Cook, J: (NU 1918-20, il, 1 app) b Tamworth, N Staffs 1b (9063), L-Corp, WF, DCM.
Curtis, JJ: (NU 1918, or, 0+1 app guest) b South Bank, RFA, Gnr.
Davison JE: (NU 1915, gkp, 0+1 app guest) b Gateshead, RFA, SgtM, WF.
Dawson, PH: (NU 1915, cf, 0+1 app guest) b Cullercoats, RGA, Sgt, WF.
Doran, JF: (NU 1918-19, cf, 4 app) b Belfast, Mddsx 17Fb (F/706), Corp, WF, MM.
Farrier, CSG: (NU 1918-20, or, 7 app) b Wallsend, NF (24414), Pvt, Home.
Hagan, A: (NU 1919-23, ir, 25 app) b Usworth, NF, Pvt, Home.
Hawks, HA: (NU 1919, il, 0 app res) b Newcastle, Army.
Henderson, J: (NU 1919-20, ir, 6 app) b Newcastle, Lancs Fus (4298?), Pvt, WF.
Henderson, T: (NU 1919-20, hb, 0 app res) DLI, Pvt, WF.
Holford, T: (NU 1917, hb, 0+2 app guest) b Hanley, RFA, Gnr.
Hopkinson, W: (NU 1917-19, hb, 0+1 app res) b Manchester?, RFA, Bomb, Home.
Hutchinson, R: (NU 1918-20, il, 1 app) b Newcastle, Army, Pvt.
Kettle, WW: (NU 1919-20, ol, 0 app res) b South Shields, DLI 2b (73859), Pvt, WF.
Luthwaite, J: (NU 1917, 0 app res) b Newcastle, RE, WF.
MacKechnie, JJ: (NU 1919-20, rb, 0 app res) b Inverness, RHA, Corp, Egypt.
Mutheradall, JW: (NU 1919, fb, 0 app res) b Hull?, Army.
Muse, R: (NU 1919-20, if, 0 app res) b Queensland (Aust), RGA (58388), Gnr, WF/Mesopotamia.
Orrick, L: (NU 1919-20, fwd, 0 app res) b Newcastle, RND Hood (TZ/6150), AbS, Egypt/WF.
Parr, T: (NU 1919-20, ol, 0 app res) b Whitehaven, RN (K29934), Stoker, Home.
Parsley, CF: (NU 1918-19, cf, 0 app res) b Middlesbrough?, RFA, Sgt, Home.
Phillipson, TW: (NU 1919-21, cf, 15 app) b Ryton, W Yorks Reg 13b (65754), Sgt, Russia.
Ramsay, AP: (NU 1918-21, ol, 42 app) b Newcastle, MGC, Gnr, WF/Egypt.
Rainnie, A: (NU 1919-20, lh, 1 app) b Banff, RN (T4/111), ChPO, Home.
Reed, FWM: (NU 1919, ch, 2 app guest) b Newcastle, R Fus, Sgt, WF.
Robinson, RW: (NU 1919-20, or, 29 app) b Blaydon, Cyclist Corps/Tank Corps, Corp, WF/Mesopotamia.
Robinson, W: (NU 1919-21, ch, 0+1 app res) b Newcastle, RE, Sgt, Mesopotamia.
Shepherd, JWV: (NU 1918-19, gkp, 0 app res) b Harton, Army.
Spilsbury, AWJ: (NU 1919-20, gkp, 0 app res) b Colwall, Worc Reg 8b (240696/2881), Sgt.
Thornley, I: (NU 1918, cf, 0+1 app guest) b Hayfield, RFA (165044), Gnr, Home.
Trotter, JW: (NU 1917-18, if, 0 app res) b Newcastle, RGA.
Whitfield, N: (NU 1919-20, 0 app res) b Newcastle, DLI 9b (8/7791?), Lt.
Whittaker, TJ: (NU 1917-18, or, 0 app res) b Aldershot, RGA/RN.
Wilson, JT: (NU 1919-20, cf, 9 app) b Leadgate, RFA, Bomb, Home.

Ex-Players, or Future Players to Serve (61 Names)

Aitken, WJ: (NU 1920-24, or, 110 app) b Peterhead, Army.
Archibald, J: (NU 1922-23, gkp, 1 app) b Strathaven, RFA, Egypt/Gallipoli.
Blackett J: (NU 1895-96, fb, 0 app res) b Newcastle. ASC (297088/10092), Sgt, WF.
Blyth, TH: (NU 1896-98, cf, 1 app) b Seaham, RGA (94152), Bomb/Signaller, WF.
Bunyan, C: (NU 1901-03, gkp, 0+1 app res) b Shefford, Mddsx 17Fb (F/1050), Pvt, WF.
Chandler, A: (NU 1925-26, rb, 36 app) b Carlisle, MGC/Border Reg, WF.
Crumley, RW: (NU 1903-06, gkp, 4 app) b Lochee, RHBW (315028/488363), Sgt, WF/Salonica.
Cunningham, A: (NU 1929-35, if/man, 15 app) b Galston, RFA (122861), Lt, WF.
Dodds, JT: (NU 1905-08, or, 5 app) b Hexham, Mddsx 17Fb (F/1466), Pvt, WF.
Duffy, CF: (NU 1906-08, ol, 16 app) b Jarrow, TEE/RFA-RGA, Corp/Lt, Home.
Duncan, ASM: (NU 1908-13, or, 81 app) b Dumbarton, RFA, Bomb, Home.
Gill, GA: (NU 1908, gkp, 0 app res) b Newcastle, TEE (465533), Home.
Hall, AN: (NU 1907-08, cf, 6 app) b Aberdeen, RGA/RE/Tank Corps (1045/306054), Corp/Gnr, WF.
Hardinge, HTW: (NU 1905-07, cf, 9 app) b Greenwich, RNAS/RAF (204267, F4267), ChPO, Home.
Harris, J: (NU 1925-31, wh, 157 app) b Glasgow, Army.
Hedley, GHW: (NU 1894-99, or, 3 app) b Newcastle, ASC (193273).
Higgins, N: (NU 1910-12, if, 0 app res) b Nottingham, Seaforth Highd 8b (S3284), WO, WF.
Hill, JH: (NU 1928-31, ch, 78 app) b Hetton-le-Hole, E Yorks Reg 2b (18038), Pvt, Gallipoli/Salonika.
Howie, D: (NU 1912-14, rh, 0 app res) b Galston, RNAS.
Hughes, WJ: (NU 1908-10, rh, 1 app) b Rhyl, Royal Welch Fus 16b (17635), Corp, WF, MM.
Irving, SJ: (NU 1909, wh, 0 app res) b Belfast, RAMC (63287).
Jarvis, JD: (NU 1908-09, if, 0 app res) b Cambois, RE (SD/171863).
Jobey, G: (NU 1906-13, wh, 53 app) b Heddon-on-the-Wall, RGA.
Lee, BJ: (NU 1896-97, if, 0+2 app res) b Edinburgh (Alloa?), Royal Scots 1b, Pvt, WF.
Leonard, HD: (NU 1907-08, cf, 0 app res) b Sunderland, RE (352724/3051), WF.
Liddell, A: (NU 1913-14, fb, 0 app res) b Morpeth, Army, Pvt.
Low, J: (NU 1921-28, or, 121 app) b Elgin, Royal Scots 16Fb/Seaforth Highd 6b, Lt, WF.
Maitland, A: (NU 1924-30, rb, 163 app) b Leith, RAF (321977).
Maven, FJ: (NU 1903-05, ch, 0 app res) b Newcastle, RNAS.
McDonald, J: (NU 1912-14, ol, 36 app) b Wemyss, Gordon Highd.
McDonald, TH: (NU 1921-31, if, 367 app) b Inverness, RHA.
McPherson JQ (jun): (NU, tr, 1911 & 1927-38, 0 app res) b Kilmarnock, MN.
Metcalf, A: (NU 1909-12, ir, 12 app) b Seaham, RN, Home.
Miller, J: (NU 1912-13, or, 0 app res) b Tynemouth, TEE, Home.
Murdoch, C: (NU 1906-07, rh, 0+1 app res) b Edinburgh, Army, WF.
Niblo, TB: (NU 1898-08, if, 60 app) b Dunfermline, RFA (SO428), Corp, WF.
Nixon, W: (NU 1902-03, gkp, 0+1 app res) b Workington, Mddsx 17Fb (F/1731), Pvt, WF.
Norbury, DV: (NU 1908, fb, 0 app res), b Bartley, E Lancs Reg 3b/S Lancs Reg 4b (26739), Lt, WF.
Peart, JG: (NU 1912-13, cf, 17 app) b South Shields, Army, Corp, WF.
Raine, AJ: (NU 1907-08, 0 app res) b Gateshead, DLI 9b (21422), Capt, WF.
Raine, JE: (NU 1903-06, or, 4 app) b Newcastle, DLI 9b, Major, WF.
Ridley, J: (NU 1907-11, ol, 17 app) b Wallsend, RE, Corp.
Rogan, FJ: (NU 1905, 0 app res) b Millam, RGA (143267), Gnr, Mesopotamia.
Russell, SR: (NU 1920-25, fb, 31 app) b Downpatrick, Royal Irish Fus.
Scott, JG: (NU 1910-13, ol, 8 app) b Wallsend, Army.
Shields, R: (NU 1913-14, cf, 0 app res) b Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, RFA, Bomb, WF.
Sinclair, TS: (NU 1907-12, gkp, 8 app) b Dunkeld, Army.
Speedie, FB: (NU 1906-08, il, 60 app) b Dumbarton, A&SH 9b/8b (302869/3170/5650), L-Corp, WF, MM.
Spencer, CW: (NU 1921-28, ch, 175 app) b Washington, RE Signals.
Stewart, J: (NU 1908-13, if, 138 app) b Gateshead, RGA.
Sutthery, FBC: (NU 1906-09, gkp, 0 app res) b Chelmsford, TEE/RE/RM, Capt.
Thomas, JW: (NU 1911-12, ir, 1 app) b Sacriston, DLI 8b/R Fus 10b (8021/203345/GS/99239), Sgt, WF, MSM.
Thompson (Iley), H: (NU 1908-10, lb, 2 app) b South Hetton, RGA (52444), WF.
Tildesley, J: (NU 1903-06, rb, 22 app) b Halesowen, ASC (1545), Pvt, WF.
Toman, WT: (NU 1906-09, il, 0 app res) b Aberdeen, MN.
Ullathorne, T: (NU 1902, rh, 0 app res) b Hull, Mech Transport.
Urwin, T: (NU 1924-30, or, 200 app) b Haswell, RFA (111300), Gnr, India/Turkey.
Wilcox, S: (NU 1904, 0 app res) b Newcastle, Yorks & Lancs Reg 7b (46071), Pvt, WF.
Willis, DL: (NU 1907-13, wh, 108 app) b Newcastle, ASC.
Wilson, JH: (NU 1911-14, gkp, 4 app) b Newcastle, RGA (73017), WF.
Woods, H: (NU 1922-23, ir, 16 app) b St Helens, Tank Corps, WF.

Directors, Officials, Managers and Staff to Serve (11 Names)

Appleby, EB: (NU 1913-20s, Dr) b Sunderland, RAMC (23791), Lt, Egypt/Salonica.
Claxton, JG: (NU groundsman) RME (2067/S), Pvt, Home.
Hurford, WE: (NU 1950-67, Dir) b Newcastle, RAMC, Capt.
MacKenzie, RR: (NU 1953-76, Dir) b Seahouses, RE.
Mather, T: (NU 1935-39, Man) b Chorley, RN (Z/2000), AbS/Sig.
McKeag, W: (NU 1944-72, Dir) b Durham, ASC (S4/251657), WO, Russia, MSM/OStS/OStA.
Nevin, RW: (NU 1922-44, Dir/Dr) b Newcastle, RAMC (2524), Capt, Salonica.
Rutherford, R: (NU 1930-59, Dir/Dr) b Embleton, RAMC, Major, WF, MC.
Simpson, RW: (NU 1918-35, Dir/Dr) b Glasgow, RAMC, Capt, WF.
Stewart, RS: (NU 1916-27, Dir) b Newcastle, RGA, Major, Home.
Watt, FG (junior): (NU 1904-50, Sec) b Edinburgh, RGA, Gnr, WF.

KiA = Killed in action, on active duty in the battlefield.
DoW = Died of wounds, following active duty.
WF = served on the Western Front.
Home = served on ‘Home’ duty in Britain.
NU = Newcastle United.
Appearances noted are for senior United league and cup fixtures as well as wartime and other competitive games.

Where a reserve player appeared in a first-team non-competitive match it is notated as ‘0+1 app res’.
Data to be confirmed is notated by ‘?’.
Abbreviations (where not noted above): See Appendix 7.