Parish Notes

Properties used by War Department in the Great War.
War Office Lands and Buildings Reconstruction Committee List of Lands and Buildings in the occupation of the War Department 1st June 1918. Northern Command.

Properties marked with an asterisk were either owned by or leaded by the War Department prior to the commencement of the war. All other properties have been taken over since 4th August 1914.

Accommodation of Troops: Wood hut (Hutment Camp)
Training Ground: Training

Accommodation of Troops:
1 Albion Terrace; Boys’ Brigade Drill Hall; 11 Carlton Terrace; Cleveland Hall; 2 Cliffe Terrace; 3 Cliffe Terrace; 14 Cliffe Terrace (Officers’ Mess); Greencliff House; Lighthouse Cottage; 21 Moor Terrace; 22 Moor Terrace; Moorcliffe House; Olympia Rink, Cleveland Hall; Pilot Watch House (Old Pier); Roxby House (Officers’ Mess); Welburn House (Officers’ Mess); Lister Street and Jesmond Road schools taken as billets Oct 12th 1917; Masonic Hall used as a Voluntary Aid War Hospital;.
Accommodation of Women Workers : 12 Cliffe Terrace (W.A.A.C.);
Accommodation of Horses: Horse Shelters
Defences*Cemetery Battery; *Fairy Cove Battery; *Heugh Battery; *Lighthouse Battery
Offices: 15 Friar Terrace; High Street (Shop)
Stores: 4 Middlegate
Various: *Land at Cemetery Battery; *Land by foreshore; *Land at Lighthouse Battery.
Oxford Street Schools: were taken over on the 2nd October 1915 as billets for troops. Christ Church Parish Hall: and Workmens Club in Brunswick Street recruiting offices. Additional Billets were the Town Hall, Queen's Rink, Pavilion Rink, Jam Factory, Swimming Baths, Baltic Chambers, Grand Hotel,** Central Buildings (Stockton Street), Jersey Street Club ** The Armoury, Jesmond School, Brougham School, Exchange School, St Paul's School, Asprington House (Seaton Carew)** Dinsdale House** (Seaton Carew), Staincliffe, Grantully, Tunstall Court, Howbeck House, Co-operative Buildings, Hulton House** Orchard House** (Lock up), The Willows** Louvine Lodge, Greengate, Victoria Road, W.A.A.C. Marine Hotel, Seaton Carew W.R.N.S. Raglan Hotel, Munition Worker's Hostel. ** were used as Battalion Headquarters. At Hart there was a seaward Rifle Range.