Parish Notes

Properties used by War Department in the Great War
War Office Lands and Buildings Reconstruction Committee List of Lands and Buildings in the occupation of the War Department 1st June 1918. Northern Command.

Seaham Harbour
Accommodation of Troops: Conservative Club; Dawdon Working Men’s Club & Institute; Eastholme (Officers’ Quarters); Fawcett Masonic Lodge (Officers’ Mess); 25 Maureen Terrace (Officers’ Quarters); 3 Sebastopol Terrace (Officers’ Quarters); 4 Victoria Street (Officers’ Quarters);
Accommodation of Horses: Emily Street; Emily Street
Hospitals : Primitive Methodist Sunday School (R.A.M.C., M.I. Room)
Rifle RangeShooting Range
Stores: Londonderry Institute; 11 North Terrace.
Training Ground
Various: Dawdon Mission Hall (Canteen); Prince’s Road (Shoemaker’s Shop).

The Seaham Weekly News 14/03/1919 reports the first meeting of the Fawcett Lodge of Freemasons following the vacation of the premises by the military.