Parish Notes

Gun, War Loan, 1914-18
A 5.9” German Howitzer gun was the subject of a Diocese of Durham Faculty number 867, issued 28/10/1919, allowing the gun to be sited in St. Michael's churchyard. The pedestal bore the inscription: "He breaketh the bow and snappeth the spear in sunder” (Ps 46 v 9 “He breaketh the bow and cutteth the spear in sunder”). The cost of placing the gun was expected to be borne privately.

The petition indicates that the gun was…. ”captured by the Durham Regiment and presented to the Parish by the War Office in recognition of the efforts of the people on behalf of the War Loan”.
Research by John and Mavis Dixon.

A letter from Houghton Miners' Lodge was read out to the Houghton-le-Spring Urban District Council voicing their very strong objection. "The sight of such will undoubtedly bring horrid reflections to the remembrance of both widows and children and others who have lost their loved ones, and will generally be detrimental to the humane feelings of the people."

It was decided to ask the War Savings Committee not to have the gun erected on the churchyard wall, as had been proposed.
Northern Echo 05/11/1919 carries this report as does Auckland and County Chronicle 06/11/1919