Parish Notes

South Garesfield Soldiers honoured.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 24/06/1919

The Newcastle Daily Chronicle 24/06/1919 reports the following:

"South Garesfield Soldiers Honoured.
The workmen and officials of South Garesfield Colliery entertained the soldiers and sailors (who left that colliery), together with their wives and children at tea. After refreshments they went to a field placed at their disposal by Mr. E. Borlace, and took part in a variety of sports. The Marley Hill Prize Band rendered a good programme of music. An interesting ceremony took place when Mr. Richard Abbot presented to Gunner T. Scott and Pte. T. McGarry gold watches (subscribed by the workmen and officials), in recognition of their distinguished service in the war. These make, in all, nine gold watches which have been presented to men who have gained honours. The balance of the fund was disbursed amongst the soldiers and widows of those who had fallen. The chairman, secretary and treasurer, Messrs. William Cant, Thomas Carradice and Joseph Hansell, were each presented with a walking stick in recognition of services rendered to the fund.