Parish Notes

Boys' and Girls' Schools
In Durham County Record Office. School logs for Boys’ School (Ref: E/SE 83, E/SE 84) and Girls’ School (Ref: E/SE 85, E/SE 86) contain no reference to memorials, but give the following information.

a. 1914-18:
Schoolteacher Ralph Deighton born 24th Nov. 1890, served his apprenticeship at Willington County School from August 1908 to July 1909, trained at Newcastle Day from 1909 to 1911, started at Chilton Buildings Boys School on 14th August 1911. He was reported missing May 1918. Notification received Nov 7 1919 officially reported killed in action.

Other staff who served and returned to the school were:
Headmaster, Mr Rayner;
Mr S. McManners;
Mr Owen;
Mr Ayre;
Mr Chittenden;
Mr Hudson;
Mr Shields;
Mr Kyte;
Mr Winn, Acting Headmaster.

b. 1939-45
The then Headmaster was sworn in as a Special Constable, Mr T. Watson underwent a series of A.R.P. training courses, and Mr J E. McManners served in the Forces. The Schools acted as Evacuation Centres in the first weeks of the War. Many entries are made of Air Raid warnings.

In the Girls School the biggest impact seems to have been the need to loan staff to the Boys School to try and cover staff absences on service during 1914-1918.

The Boys and Girls Schools were eventually merged and streamed to form a Junior Mixed and Infants School, with the older children moving to the local Secondary Modern School. The original buildings have recently been demolished.