Parish Notes

Presentations to miners
The Newcastle Daily Chronicle 18/08/1919 reports:

Major A.C. Morrison Bell, M.P. and Mr. James Robson, president of the Durham Miners association ..... at the Miners' Hall, New Kyo, presented, on behalf of the officials and workmen of Louisa New Pit, South Moor Colliery, over 50 returned soldiers and sailors employed at the pit with gold watches. This was the second similar presentation in connection with the Louisa New Pit. It is intended to present a gold watch to each man employed at the Colliery who served abroad, and a gold medal to each man who was on home service only. . . .36 miners from that Louisa New Pit had been killed . . .from South Moor Colliery 1700 men had joined up of whom 221 fell.

In the edition for 01/03/1920 is the report:

Mr. T.Y. Greener, agent for South Moor Coal Co. Ltd., presided over a similar ceremony, the third, at which 84 workmen received a gold watch. The total number presented was 180. The funds had been subscribed by workers, with the two colliery owners subscribing 100 each. Between 1700 and 1800 men had enlisted. 179 men from South Moor Colliery were still in the Forces.